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How we use information we collect ?

" " takes measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data on the Site. The information of our users is only given to third parties or institutions by court decision. User information (behavior) can be used by transfer4all to provide better service. All data about you is collected either directly from you (through any form on the Site) or indirectly when you visit the Site (login and browsing data). In all cases, your data is collected and processed only to ensure the provision of different services. manage your subscription, and respond to your information requests.

" " uses SSL- Secure Sockets Layer (secure entry layer) certificate for security between users and servers. What is Cookie and What transfer4all does with cookies? A cookie is a small file that is located in your computer's/mobile device’s hard drive when you visit a webSite. It records certain information about your browsing or online behavior that allows us to improve and facilitate your experience as a service.

The cookies used on the site are used to differentiate you so as to improve your browsing and the service we propose to you. In practice, the technical cookies allow us to authenticate and identify you, accelerate your browsing on our Site and access its different functionalities. They can, depending on the cookie, record your preferences and measure the different uses made of the site.